The hubs and I have been together for almost ten years and in that time, we’ve had to compromise on a great many things. On things such as… toilet paper brand, morals and personal taste. Juuust to name a few.

I’ve heard before that compromise in marriage is 99% of just giving in to your wife so you no longer have to listen to her whine and bitch and while that seems great to us ladies, it’s not fair at all to the hubs. Most of the time, though, mine doesn’t truly give a shit about getting his way because in things that truly matter, we really do see eye to eye. Still, doesn’t make it fair. But! What if it’s about something that truly matters to you?

Like I said, sometimes we’ve had to compromise on personal taste and my issue is this… I fracking love pink flamingos. Seriously. They’re my fave and I’ve always, aaaaallllwaaays… wanted to put those tacky, plastic pink flamingos in my front yard whenever I was finally able to buy a house. Some people enjoy garden gnomes,  but me? Hell no. Give me those plastic beauties any day.

Hubs has very rarely disagreed with how I decorate our home, but when it comes to the delightfully tacky birds, well, he’s pretty vocal in his displeasure with the idea. And it’s not as if I’d be putting out a whole flock!

This isn’t overkill at all.

99.9% of the time, he lets me have my way. But I fear this time, when we’re finally able to move out of our one room shanty and into our long-time coveted mobile home… I may not be able to take the trashiness to the next level by including my beloved rosy artificial avians friends.

So, in the event where neither can compromise, where do we go? Who will get their way in the battle of the tacky pink flamingos in front of the trailer? Should I just ditch the idea and go for a concrete goose that I can decorate for the seasons? Should this is the .1% where I give hubby his way?

I don’t know. I’m still clinging pretty tightly to my wishes. What would you do?


16 thoughts on “KITSCH, PLEASE!”

    1. My grandmother had the concrete goose that we decorated for the holidays. It was pretty cute. (Have you ever just considered getting ‘different’ things with flamingos on it, other than the actual plastic yard things? Like a nice wind chime, a welcome mat, pots for flowers. I’m sure that sort of defeats the purpose, but there are ways to compromise without losing the flare. lol)

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      1. I actually can’t stand the concrete goose, but if hubby gives in, I might dress up my plastic flamingos for the seasons, haha! And yes, definitely, flamingo everything. Just kidding, but I do have the cutest stuffed flamingo that I won from a claw machine at Fricker’s a few years ago.


  1. I’m not a fan of the flamingos, cause Indiana, ffs, but I must say, if The Mister wanted some, I’d let him have a pair or three.

    Mine doesn’t like any sort of stained-glass lighting, and he’s not offering up a single compromise on it.

    Marriage is hard.

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