So Matt and I have been in an epic battle over my love for plastic flamingos that go in your yard. Feel free to read up on it, here. 

Basically, I love ’em and he thinks they’re a level of trash that we haven’t quite reached yet. I disagree, but hey, that’s just my opinion, lmao.

So, this past Sunday morning we were driving through a swanky neighborhood on our way home and all of a sudden I saw this…


I made hubs turn around and pull in to their driveway so I could get this picture and of course, I was all up in arms about how even the well-to-do put flamingos in their yard. And so I took it to Facebook and this happened…

I don’t feel attacked or anything. Not at all!

Hubs has already agreed that I can have two flamingos for when we move, so I’m not all that upset by his telling me to move in with some over-the-hill strangers.

Matt then proceeds to tagging me in this just a couple hours ago…

*face meets palm pretty hard*

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, we’ll be moving into a rinky-dink trailer park maybe by the end of the year. If we haven’t reached White Trash level yet, we sure will with that fence and a couple of plastic flamingos. I can’t wait.



10 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE FLAMINGOS, PT 2!”

  1. Diggin the post holes is the hard part. You’d have to dig twice as many to use the pallets. I fail to see the benefit of said pallets…
    Rinky dink trailer park? Well then you’ll know all your neighbors and you can all splice into one cable, heh! Do you guys already have cut off jeans and NASCAR tees? Ooh, will you get a formica dining set?
    You might could get some lawn flamingos as a housewarming, Jeni 😉

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    1. I’m so sorry! Matt told me I forgot to reply to your comment here, so here I am to rectify that, lol. I agree. It just seems like way too much effort for such a shitty looking “fence”. And yes! We’re hoping to move into this little trailer park hopefully by the end of the year. I’m down for sharing cable but I draw the line at cut off jeans and… *shudders* NASCAR anything. BUT… I’m totally down for a Formica table cause I’m such a whore for tacky vintage furniture and such, lol. But yes, bring on the housewarming flamingos! Matty can’t possibly turn away a gift after I’ve already bought my first two. Mwahahaha! ♥♥♥

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