I’ve pretty much never grown out of my need for simple humor, especially of the teenage boy variety. Hubby sometimes shares the same sense of humor but the poor thing has a breaking limit and oh how I make him suffer. I like to think I’ve mostly grown out of it, but sometimes I can’t help myself and I have to utter…

That's what she said.
The woman on the left? That’s his face every time.

One-Liner Wednesday was brought to you by LindaGHill.


  1. It’s just that I have a perverted mind. Before I say anything, like, the nanosecond before I say anything, I assess if what I’m going to say can be taken pervertedly or not. And most of the time I change what it was I was going to say before I say it so that nobody goes “Heh, that’s what she said.” Because I know. You don’t have to tell me. I know that’s what she said. I’ve had this perverted mind a very long time. I’ve graduated from that, and now I just want to say what it is I’m trying to say without having to worry about having someone take it the wrong way. UGH.

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