Prepares yourself, Reader, for something potentially unpleasant. 😉

My favorite word begins with a C and it’s not Crass. It’s Cunt!

Shit… it’s also Cat and Cocaine and Curio. I’m just a big, fat liar it seems.

If you’re shocked, then I’m ashamed of you! You of all people ought to know just how trashy I am and it should come as no surprise that I lack all class. However, Cunt may be one of my favorite words but I don’t go around saying it all willy-nilly. It’s reserved for special occasions where I’m either talking about my lady bits to the south or someone especially deserving of the word when they’re being rude af.

Snow White keeping it classy.

So there you go. I’m a tacky bitch, lol. What are some of your favorite words? Go ahead, be as trashy as you can be, I won’t tell.


24 thoughts on “THE “C” WORD!”

  1. I’m shocked at myself for not being shocked. 🙂 I had an Australian GF once that used “Fuck Knuckle” a lot. I always found that funny and will find myself using it from time to time. But my favorite of all is “Jizz Waffle”.

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  2. I reserve cunt for special occasions, too. Like that cunt vendor who wouldn’t send me a new soap because it didn’t smell the same as my old soap, and she was all, “I bet it’s your hormones, playing tricks on you.” Fuckin cunt, turned out she was preggers. Whose nose is what now, Soap Cunt?!?
    Fuck. Fuck is my favorite.
    But I’m also fond of slag.

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  3. When I was a we kid, I found it hysterical when people cussed. It didn’t help that my dad was constantly cussing around me, and he’s funny as hell to hear cuss and get pissed at things. So I’d hear him cuss and laugh my ass off. One day he yelled “CUNT!” at some woman who turned in front of him without signaling, and I couldn’t stop laughing for a few minutes. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. I still laugh when he cusses.

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  4. Your.blog is hilarious. My two favorite swear words are fuck and cunt. For the specialist of the special I will call someone fucuntly. Sorry this is my initial comment…”classy”,

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