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The last two days have not been good for me in a mental capacity. My thoughts, especially, have been like a thicket. I hate brain fog with a passion. There’s so much I want to write about (and it’s a good thing I have a list to put my post ideas on), but when I sit down to smash it out on the keyboard, nothing happens and my ADHD kicks in and all of a sudden I’ve been trawling youtube for 18 hours.

I think Sunday will be a random thoughts kinda day. For those little things that don’t really require a post of their own, ya know? So… I’ll just ramble here for today and get back next week with a spectacularly uninspiring blog post about something inconsequential to wow and amaze my friends. Have I mentioned that this blog is legit trash? Hey, you’re the one who decided I was worth following, so you get to deal with the fallout.

1. I realized I need a meat hammer. I could have cut down my cooking time on the giant chicken boobs from dinner a few nights ago if I had only had a meat hammer. But I’m strangely resistant to using things that normal adults would use. I distinctly remember the times my mom would use her meat hammer and it was loud af. Every time I think of it, I think about how she was such a better adult then than I am now. But mostly, I remember that it was loud.

For those of you who don’t know, hubs and I share a house with his mother and the sound carries very well. Also, we keep weird time since I work third shift. It would have woken her up for sure. If you’re curious about the house set up, the house itself is a cottage type and we live in the very back in an addition that was built on in the early 70s. We pretty much live in a small studio. Back to the meat hammer… guess I’ll pull up my big girl bloomers and put it on my list of shit I need to buy soon. *sigh*

2. Maintaining friendships on social media is tiring af. It’s also, apparently, a one way street. In August last year, I decided I needed to unfollow some people and limit my timeline to a very select few friends and family and videos of cute animals, crafts, recipes and shit. It was a desperate attempt to block out all the negativity I’d been seeing on Facebook for a long time. I even posted on there that I needed to take a break from Facebook but that I could always be contacted via Messenger.

A few weeks ago, I decided to go back through my friend list and re-follow everyone because I was in a good place where I felt I could handle all the talk of politics and every other Debbie Downer conversation that takes place on social media (but shouldn’t). So as I’m scrolling through my list of people, I notice that someone deleted me. And not just on Facebook, but on all of my other platforms as well.

This someone, I had thought, was good enough friends with me, that she’d at least message me to talk it, whatever IT was, out, before just haring off and deleting me. She’s a good online friend of the hubs, has been since before he and I met. He messaged her to find out what happened and she came back with some cockamamie excuse about we hadn’t spoken to each other in a while. *blink blink*

To be quite honest, it fucking hurt my feelings. Hubs told her so and she came back with the lame suggestion of, “Well, I could re-add her?” No. That ship sailed and you’re not allowed back on it. I didn’t realize a friendship of ten years had suddenly required talking to each other on a regular basis and that, my loves, is why maintaining friendships on social media is exhausting.

JK… I’m too friendly. Disregard my personal space.

3. There is no number three that I can think of and I’m now realizing that number two really could have been a post of its own,  but… it’s here now and you’ll just have to deal with my longwindedness. Actually, there is a #3… Back to my mental capacity and perpetual brain fog… Poor hubby has had to explain super simple things to me the last couple of days. It bothers tf out of me because I’m usually a really sharp tack. Three separate times he’s tried to talk to me about something and I argued with him about how it didn’t make any sense to me. Wow. Really need this brain fog to gtfo.

So, those are a few of my rambles and rants for now. I know I’ll have a heap more by next Sunday. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Pray for me that I make it unscathed to next Sunday, lol.



17 thoughts on “THROUGH THICKET AND THIN!”

  1. That reminds me, I have a list of blog topics too, and I never fucking look at it. I just add to it. And then I sit around like “I got nothing to write about.” Usually while holding my phone. I’M SO STUPID!

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  2. I’m the same way with Facebook except when I do it, I just delete them right away. If I haven’t talked to someone in ANY way (in person, one the phone, via text or social media) in over 6 months then it’s usually goodbye. Unless it’s someone who I really want to stay connected to.

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  3. I haven’t deleted my Facebook account but I did remove the app from my phone. I was checking it waaayyy to often, mostly out of habit. Now I only check it maybe once a week or so when I’m bored at work. It has made all the difference in the world for me. Don’t worry though, I still have plenty of time sucking social media apps on my phone to prevent me from being too productive.

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  4. You CAN use a rolling pin. It’s quite the workout, but you can roll those chicken boobs for 100 years. I do this when they look fragile, and I don’t want them to tear, like for roll-ups.
    I was saddened to hear of your Facebook lost friend situation. I’ve had that happen, and I’ve done it to others. I can’t speak to her reasons, but it still makes me sad. Your sadness will make me reconsider the next time I’m hovering over Unfriend.
    I don’t have brain fog or thickets, but I so sometimes get weighed down in some serious melancholy. :/ We are human, afterall.

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    1. I’m a terrible adult. I don’t have a rolling pin, either, lol! I’d have to use, like, a can of vegetables in a sandwich bag. As to the mutual FB friend… shit happens, right? I’m not blameless in it, either. You’re right, though, we are human. Hopefully we can work on that and become more human than human. Or something, lol.

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  5. I didn’t delete my Facebook account but I did remove the app from my phone. I was checking it way too much. Now I only check it once a week or so when I’m bored at work. It has made all the difference for me. Don’t worry though, I still have plenty of other time sucking apps on my phone that prevent me from being too productive. Ain’t technology grand?

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  6. I didn’t delete my Facebook account but I did remove the app from my phone because I was checking it way too much. Mostly out of habit. Now I only check it about once a week. It’s much more tolerable that way. Lol.

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    1. I’m not on FB as much as I used to be. Using it has seriously dwindled since I first joined and I’m happier when I don’t even look at it. Too depressing, lol.


  7. I understand how tiresome trying to keep friendships alive on FB, and other social media. I had to unfollow a lot of folks around the election because everything was so negative. I kept on folks who posted animal photos and other feel good things.

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