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If there’s one thing that gets my blood hotter than hell, it’s people thinking they’re entitled to whatever, just because of, well, whatever fucking reason. Got a fancy job? Are you fucking wealthy? Or are you just a huge douchebag that thinks if you intimidate someone, you’ll get your way?

If any of these things apply to you, it must mean that the world owes you any and everything your little heart desires. And woe unto the one who tries to tell you otherwise, cause you’ll let them have it.

Well here’s a big fuck you, buddy. I don’t owe you shit and I’m certainly not going to kiss your ass for any reason.


I work in the hotel industry and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or been part of a conversation with a guest who thinks just because they’ve spent so much money at our establishment, that it entitles them to whatever the fuck they want. Extended after hours time in the pool? Free breakfast? Or just insincere ass-kissing all around.

It seems like privilege and self entitlement are at incredible heights lately and it drives me absolutely insane. Like, I don’t give a shit who you are… President, celebrity or the schmuck from out of town who has the highest tier he can possibly have as a rewards member from frequenting our hotel chain. Get the fuck off your high horse. PLEASE.

Please, do the world a favor and humble yourself for us little folks. Especially those of us who wait on you hand and foot in the service world. Most of us are genuine and enjoy working in hospitality or other service industries. But it’s assholes like you that want to try my motherfucking patience.

If you treat me with anything other than respect or kindness, then please expect me to correct your way of thinking by telling you otherwise because I’m not going to tolerate you screaming at me or threatening to take your business elsewhere because I won’t capitulate to your absolutely ridiculous demands or attitude.


I just can’t stand it.

I’m incredibly lucky to work at the hotel that I do and that our management has our back 120% in any given situation. But my heart goes out to those who don’t and I’ve got your back. If I’m out anywhere and I see someone giving you a hard time, I’ll speak up for you and tell them to fuck off.

It’s the least I can do since I, too, work in the service industry. But also because, well, I’m a fucking human being with a heart and morals. I’ve got your back, bb’s.

/end rant


10 thoughts on “I DON’T OWE YOU SHIT!”

  1. Good rant! I think we all encounter that kind of person in our professional lives, and we all get riled up at the audacity of them. They’re icky people. Just ick. Sorry you probably experience it more in service. :/


    1. Lmao! Not so much a recent incident… More that it’s been building pressure for the last several years. Although…

      1. One day last week, an older man called down around 3am because he couldn’t figure out how to turn the AC off. Our thermostats are pretty freaking simple and the few buttons it has are self explanatory. I asked if he wanted me to come up and he said yes. I showed him how to turn it off and he nastily said that the fan was still going. I told him it needed a moment and then it clicked off. Asked if he wanted me to show him how to turn it back on if it got too warm and he snapped a hasty NO at me. The next morning, my boss was standing at the desk with me when he came down to check out. Boss told him to have a happy 4th and the man raised his voice and said “It’ll be better than the night I had here. Worst fucking stay ever!” Slammed his key down and stormed out. Lmao… So that’s one…

      2. A friend of my hubs on fb that I’ve added due to mutual interests, made a post on fb about being nasty to the kid who was about to bag her groceries. She told him not to touch anything and that she would bag it up. The kid asked why and she said she said in a nightclub loud voice “Because you suck!” Or something to that effect. Royally pissed me the fuck off.

      So there we have it… Couple of recent things that just boiled me until I exploded, lol.

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      1. So it wouldn’t let me post a comment about your blog birthday and blocked me as a suspected bot, so I’ll hope you see the comment here:

        Happy blog birthday! I definitely understand the hesitation to create a blog and I’m happy you did because your writing always makes me grin. I’d crack open a cold one to salute you but I’m currently at work and, well, drinking on the job is just a bit frowned upon. Sad day for me, great day for you! ♥ P.S. I just saw you have my and my hub’s blog linked and I just aww’d out loud. That’s so kind of you! Thank you so much for the distinction. *hugs!*

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  2. Thank you so much! I always get a kick out of reading your stuff (and hubby’s too) so I was happy to point people in that direction. My damn spam filter gets a stick up it’s ass every now and then and I don’t know why. I have it set at the most relaxed settings I can. I hope the sad day for you was only because you couldn’t drink on the job and not anything else. Take care!

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  3. When I worked at Walmart in the deli, towards the end I worked with a bunch of people who didn’t do shit. When management left, I was basically the one doing everything while they all stood around doing nothing. One day in particular there were some fried chicken orders, and since nobody else was going to do it, I had to. I didn’t mind because it kept me occupied and let them all deal with everything else. Except that they saw me as their leader, so any time there was a question about anything, I had to help them, or answer questions, or just do it for them.

    Because they got me all caught up in their bullshit, I forgot about the one chicken order and was reminded about it when the woman came to get it. It took 21 minutes to cook the chicken, so I told her she was going to have to wait. I apologized and did everything I could to help her out, but she still wanted to see management.

    Management said they would take some money off of the order, but that wasn’t good enough. She got on the phone with the woman who the order was for, probably relation, and was explaining it all to her.

    This became such a huge ordeal that, fed up, I went out, loudly announced that I’d pay for the fucking order myself, and I walked away. But before I did, the woman who had come to pick up the phone had this huge shit eating grin on her face like “GOTCHA!” That pissed me off more than anything. She didn’t thank me for cooking her food, or say “Oh no, that won’t be necessary.” She was one of those people who looks for every opportunity to get free shit and she got exactly what she wanted. I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off in all my life, because of that damn smile she had.

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