Hullo my fellow creeps! My name is Jeni, I’m a 30-something brat who’s happily married to a schmuck named Matt. I often refer to him as The Hubs. We are childfree, been together since summer of 2007 and haven’t regretted it at all! We rely on equal parts happy pills and humor. Seriously, our relationship has been one giant meme. I’m a beautiful fat woman, pansexual and love everything holographic, which also makes me holosexual.

This blog will be full of anecdotes about the shit that goes on in my/our life, rants about Harry Potter and other ramblings about whatever the hell comes to mind. It’s what gets me by in life. Srs.

Honestly, I’m trying to think of something sweet to say about myself and all I can come up with is this…

My birthday is January 31st, 1984. I’m very  much the quintessential Aquarius. Flighty and neurotic, af. I’ve got a huge heart, I’ve been failed so many times by those I love and trust. It’s made it difficult to open up to new people, especially those of the female variety. But I’m kind and understanding and I truly believe in the saying ‘To each their own’. Now here’s the part where you learn more about me than ANYONE needs to know, lol.

I’m a huge Potterhead: Hufflepuff, Weasel Patronus, 11 3/4″ Ash Wand with a Dragon Heartstring and Brittle flexibility, Pukwudgie House (Ilvermorny). Seriously. I have read so much HP fanfiction, it’s riddikulus. I’m constantly picking apart the story and theorizing to my hubs about it. You’ll see some of that in the blog.

In essence, I am a pretty guardian who fights for love, justice and the last slice of pizza.
Until I can think of anything else that might interest the masses…