Convos With the Hubs


I’m a few minutes late posting this, but hubby said to post it anyway because it’s still Wednesday somewhere… So, here you go!

The owner of the hotel I work at loathes when we front desk people leave our office door open. We’ve flouted those rules for a very long time now, but apparently, no longer. We have a new regional director and she told me tonight that it can’t stay open anymore. Sucks for me because I like lurking in dark places and watching the cameras to see who approaches the desk before I make my attack. Naturally, I complained to the hubby and said…

Me: I’ll have to buy a cushion for the table I like to sit on while I’m at the desk.
Him: Yeah.
Me: It hurts my hoo-ha after sitting on it a while.


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I’ll probably not do this prompt all that often, mostly because I have the memory of a goldfish and even though the hubs and I trade zingers often, we don’t often remember them to post about. But! Thankfully, we mark some of our stuff down on a Facebook so our friends and fam can get a good laugh at our expense. It’s a win/win. This happened a couple years ago and came up as an “On This Day”…

H: Where the hell did I put my cigarettes?
W: If they were in your butt, you’d know where they were.
H: Yeah, I sure would, but then I wouldn’t want to smoke them.
W: I don’t see why not, you’d just be trading one butt for another.

I laughed like an idiot then…

*insert much cackling*


One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill.