The hubs showed this to me this morning and I’m sad to say he beat me to the punch by associating the word blow with, well, blow… Even though I said the dolphin could put it directly in its blowhole. But, now we know the air hole atop a dolphins’ head is used for Blow and not breathing. ‘Cause who needs air, amirite???




I was half asleep when I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and saw the hubs had posted #RIPCharlieMurphy and didn’t really pay it any attention until I rolled around some more and finally got up to get ready for work last night. That’s when I finally figured out that it was true… The great Charlie Murphy had died at the young age of 57 from his long battle with leukemia.

I legit cried. (Which is no surprise since my every emotion is tied to my tear ducts.) I watched his skits on the Chappelle Show often because it’s seriously the funniest shit, ever. His True Hollywood Stories were the best. My favorite, however, was the one about his frequent run-ins with Rick James.

Rick wasn’t wrong.

I originally wasn’t going to make this a post. I was just going to put up the above gif on my About page and leave it at that, but… I thought about poor Charlie and here we go. But while I’m on the subject of cocaine… *sighs wistfully*

Haven’t done it in years, but, man, it was lovely when I did. Don’t judge me.

Alien Cocaine
A legit reenactment.