For those that don’t really haunt YouTube, there was a live cam set up for the much anticipated birth of April the Giraffe’s baby over the last couple months at the Animal Adventure Park in New York. April gave birth today and the cam is still live so y’all can see just how freaking adorable the baby is. Click HERE to go get your fill of cuteness.

Hubby beat me to posting about the event, which you can read about HERE. I posted about watching baby being born on Facebook and then I too hit the hay. Because I sleep during the day and hubby is usually up before I am, he got to see the negativity on FB regarding April’s baby. It’s sad af.

People are so mired in the terrible shit going on that they can’t appreciate the beauty and wonder of a precious baby entering the world. Not only that but they’re bitching about people participating in something positive while countless other negatives are occurring around the world.

Welp, sorry not sorry, but I’m not going to wallow in negativity just to please your shitty sensibilities. The hubs said it best, I think, when he said Hopefully something similar to these two events will come along to replace them when they’re done and out of the spotlight. This is what the world needs more of more than ever. It lifted our spirits for a moment, and for that, I’m very grateful.

On a side note, I’ve been watching TinyKittensHQ for the last few weeks. TinyKittensHQ is a feral cat rescue that aims to save as many feral cats as they can, rehabilitating and finding them homes whenever possible and when they can’t, they spay/neuter and return them to the wild.

Their latest rescued pregnant momma’s are Evolene, a ginger tabby who has suffered seriously from malnutrition among many other very serious health problems. The other momma is Corsica, a tortoiseshell tabby who seems to be in better health and is a couple years younger. Sadly, all five of Evolene’s kittens passed away and Evolene herself is struggling to thrive. TK’s are doing everything possible to facilitate her speedy recovery, jsyk…

Corsica, on the other hand, had five kittens as well and all are doing so very well. They’re just about seven days old and haven’t opened their eyes yet, but if you’d like to join in another spot of brightness, then click HERE.

What I’ve been trying to say all along here, is… Don’t let anyone drag you down when you’re enjoying something that brings you a bit of happiness in this otherwise crazy world. The negativity in the world is going nowhere and will continue spreading like a terrible plague, but the rare moments of goodness? Take advantage when you can and be grateful it happened and that you were able to witness it.