So Matt and I have been in an epic battle over my love for plastic flamingos that go in your yard. Feel free to read up on it, here. 

Basically, I love ’em and he thinks they’re a level of trash that we haven’t quite reached yet. I disagree, but hey, that’s just my opinion, lmao.

So, this past Sunday morning we were driving through a swanky neighborhood on our way home and all of a sudden I saw this…


I made hubs turn around and pull in to their driveway so I could get this picture and of course, I was all up in arms about how even the well-to-do put flamingos in their yard. And so I took it to Facebook and this happened…

I don’t feel attacked or anything. Not at all!

Hubs has already agreed that I can have two flamingos for when we move, so I’m not all that upset by his telling me to move in with some over-the-hill strangers.

Matt then proceeds to tagging me in this just a couple hours ago…

*face meets palm pretty hard*

If I haven’t mentioned it yet, we’ll be moving into a rinky-dink trailer park maybe by the end of the year. If we haven’t reached White Trash level yet, we sure will with that fence and a couple of plastic flamingos. I can’t wait.




Daydreaming can be so innocent in which you may be thinking of kittens and then all of a sudden make rapid jumps from kittens to creatures in the Mariana Trench and wind up reminiscing on things you did when you were ten that you deeply regret and haven’t told another living soul. The brain is a funny thing, no?

Much like your thought processes, your trips to YouTube will rapidly descend into madness and before you know it, you’ve spent four hours in the wee morning watching things that you’ll never be able to unsee.

No amount of bleach can cover up those 4am youtube forays, my friend.

The following video was brought about when I was browsing 80s nightclub videos and found a song I really liked. So naturally, I did a search on the song “Spacer Woman” and this beauty popped up in the results. I was lured in by the colors and gorgeous chick on the cover and, well… I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s very avant-garde and I love it.

YouTube Tuesday is brought to you by Martians Attack!