You ever find a dish that you could just eat every damn day and be happy af? For me, that would be this crab casserole from a place called Asian Buffet. Hubs and I have always called it Crab Stuff. I don’t get it very often and when the craving hits me, it drives me insane because the place takes a good twenty minutes to get to and it isn’t cheap at all, even with a coupon from our Reach magazine.

I could easily eat this whole thing. Bowl and all.

The craving hit me last night while I was at work and I had the harebrained idea that I’d just get the ingredients from Walmart on my way home and make it then. How’d it turn out? Well, maybe next time the craving hits, I’ll wait until they open and hit them up for lunch. Let’s just leave it at that, haha.

I’m not a bad cook by any means, it’s just… not the same as how Asian Buffet makes it. Tomorrow, for Easter, I’m delving into making a Strawberry Poke Cake. I’ll let y’all know how well that fails.

Hope y’all have a happy Easter. xoxo