About a month ago, I saw an article on Facebook about an artist named Bartholomäus Traubeck who turned various slices of tree trunks into records with the use of a piano synthesizer and algorithm reader. The video below was the one I listened to and I was spellbound. The tree used in the video is Ash (same as my wandwood — which is probably one reason I loved it so much) and the melody is as they described; hauntingly beautiful.

Normally, tree rings are inspected for things like age, disease and rainfall levels. I’m glad someone had the idea of turning them into a sort of vinyl record. It really is lovely to listen to. Out of all seven tracks, Fraxinus (or Ash), is my favorite. I’m not biased at all.

You can listen to the full album here. If you’d like to see more of Traubeck’s work or to purchase the album Years, which includes other wood types, click here.


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While I struggle through this newest round of dissociating, I’ll give you this week’s Youtube Tuesday video. I found this gem in my suggested videos one day and as I’m always on the lookout for new music, I thought I’d give it a listen and, well, I fell hard. This Iranian/Dutch beauty really captivated me and the lyrics help remind me that I’m only human. Add to it the fact that the video itself was amazing.

The basic human need to be watched was once satisfied by God.


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Daydreaming can be so innocent in which you may be thinking of kittens and then all of a sudden make rapid jumps from kittens to creatures in the Mariana Trench and wind up reminiscing on things you did when you were ten that you deeply regret and haven’t told another living soul. The brain is a funny thing, no?

Much like your thought processes, your trips to YouTube will rapidly descend into madness and before you know it, you’ve spent four hours in the wee morning watching things that you’ll never be able to unsee.

No amount of bleach can cover up those 4am youtube forays, my friend.

The following video was brought about when I was browsing 80s nightclub videos and found a song I really liked. So naturally, I did a search on the song “Spacer Woman” and this beauty popped up in the results. I was lured in by the colors and gorgeous chick on the cover and, well… I’ll let you see for yourself. It’s very avant-garde and I love it.

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